That's right! There's such a thing as 'healthy pressure.'  Though it sounds like an oxymoron, when we think of the term "pressure" our minds quickly wander to the negatives - as in 'pressure' meeting that deadline at work, 'pressure' to ace the final exam in class, or the societal 'pressures' we all face.  

But we aren't here to talk about those pressures (though balancing those pressures is an equally important topic, perhaps reserved for another post), we're actually discussing a good pressure- one that is produced by our heart as it pumps blood throughout our body.  When this pressure goes from normal to abnormal, as in High Blood Pressure (HBP),  serious conditions may arise such as stroke, heart disease, and heart failure among others. 


The negative effects of unhealthy blood pressure are numerous, thus, monitoring your blood pressure is a positive start towards changing your lifestyle into a healthy one.  To begin implementation of healthy blood pressure, a combination of proper weight management, watchful diet, and daily exercise will help you master the keys to a successful lifestyle change.

 We've posted here a "Blood Pressure Log" - an excel template to help monitor your blood pressure. Monthly tabs should keep you organized, and the notes section can be used to write down any environmental/mood/diet conditions per BP reading.  Download and give it a try!


*Content posted here is only informational and is not to be construed as an alternative for medical advice.  Consult your physician for your specific health needs.